Nona Pearl Skin Care products are fabulous. All natural ingredients. I have used the products for about 2 years.

The Red Jar helps retain the natural moisture of my skin and hydrates my facial tissue. No more dry skin. My face appears vibrant and supple. Since using The Red Jar facial wrinkles have diminished. The brown spot on my left cheek has all but disappeared. I consulted a dermatologist about the brown spot removal. Not necessary now. The dry area between my nose and cheek is GONE.

I carry a small sample in my purse so I can hydrate my facial skin at any time dependent on the weather and circumstances.

I use The Red Jar morning and night. With or without makeup and at times during the day. Depends on where I am and what I am doing.

I use the Nona Pearl Classic Cream morning and night to cleanse my face. At times I just put it on and leave it on depending on the days circumstances. It protects and coats the facial tissue. It is again a fabulous product.

I used estee lauder for years. No more. These products are far superior.

mother-in-law to Cyndi the creator of Nona Pearl Skin Care products.


Hi Cyndi and Michael,

There are two more benefits of your products I have discovered and would like to share with you. (I hope you are collecting all of these to post on your website one day when you can find someone to create one for you!)

I use a CPAP machine at night and I had a sort of red irritation or dryness in a triangle around my nose from the silicone cushion. I don't know if it was a reaction to my other night cream or just what. Since alternating your Red Jar and black jar Face Cream morning and night, I no longer have that irritation visible the next day!

If I don't use the Red Jar during the day, I use your other Face Cream. Another benefit to using your creams is that I no longer have to use a make up foundation primer. My foundation glides on flawlessly and smoothly over either cream!

Now, here is the drawback! I have other creams I should be using up but I can no longer bring myself to use them now that I've fallen in LOVE with your creams!! What am I to do with those?!

Janine ( Rockford Michigan)


Hi Cyndi,

Would like to order another Red Jar face cream. My sister, Kristen, gave me some as a Christmas gift and it's almost gone. I love it! Can you advise how I can purchase another? Also, do you carry eye cream? If you could send me a price list of your products that would be great. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you,
Colleen ( Waukesha Wisconsin)




I purchased a jar of The Red Jar face cream at the Comstock Park craft show. Would I be able to buy two more jars for Christmas gifts? So far, it seems to be working well for me and I wanted to pass on this great find.

Thank you!
Alice ( Comstock Park Michigan)




Oh my goodness! The skin on my face hasn't felt this nice in years!
I met you Sat at the craft show and bought some of your products.
The dry skin on my neck that I couldn't keep moisturized enough nor could I exfoliate away is gone.
My chapped lips are now healed too. I hope you plan on making this stuff for a good long while!!!

Thank you.
Janine (Rockford Michigan)




My sister Colleen and my mother LOVE the Red Jar! Colleen has really sensitive skin, so she was excited she had no negative reactions. She has your email when she is ready to order more:). Patrick also likes the Red Jar and has been "sharing" mine. I would like to order: 2 new Red Jars AND a large hand lotion (Jack's favorite smell:). I hope all is well for both you and Michael. Can you believe it is almost March???

Kristen (Olympia Washington)





Just wanted to thank you for developing The Red Jar. My face hasn't looked this good or felt so young in years! I used to wear heavy makeup to hide the redness and since using The Red Jar as a daily moisturizer I have stopped using makeup to hide my skin. Thanks again!

Wendy (Plano Texas)