The skin on my face is very dry.  How often can I use The Red Jar every day?


Will it help the little dry patches on my face?


I don't use soap on my face.  Can I use The Red Jar to clean my face?


Can The Red Jar lighten little small brown spots on my face?


If I don't use it every day how long will it stay good? 

Nona Pearl Skin Care products have s shelf life of  1 year. However I am sure you will find your best results by using on a regular basis.


After applying The Red Jar will my make up blend with it?


I have a 13 yr old daughter with dry skin, is The Red Jar good for any age skin? 


Can The Red Jar be used on sensitive skin?


Can I use The Red Jar on other areas of my body?


Can my husband use it for his face dry skin?